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"Extraordinary and multi-talented...

-Via Times Magazine, Jovie Calma

"Starlet Janet Van De Graaf (a superb job by the very talented Shari Mocheit)... “No More” is another number that allows us to see the amazing talents of Ms Mocheit.  She is something else!  As I said earlier, this is by far the best production I have reviewed... I am looking forward to next season."

- Around the Town Chicago, Alan Bresloff

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"Mocheit shines."

- Planit Kane News, Tom Witom


"Shari Mocheit is a force as Janet."

- New City Stage, Aaron Hunt

"Lovely, likable, talented actress Shari Mocheit...  Indeed, Mr. Dawson and Ms. Mocheit are the best reasons for seeing this production. With their chemistry as solid as any pair of truly devoted friends, this unlikely couple works well together as a team. Their voices blend nicely with duets like 'You & Me' and 'Trust Me.'  "

- Chicago Theatre Review, Colin Douglas


"Mocheit gives a strong performance in “Bring on the Men,” a provocative song that suited her voice perfectly.  ...Mocheit gave her character depth as Lucy went from an outgoing seductress to a young woman longing for a new life to a tragic figure seamlessly and believably."

-Kalamazoo Gazette, Rebecca Bakken

"Shari's performances are always my favorite and so exciting to watch!"

-Mary Lou, Shari's Mom

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