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  Shari Mocheit (pronounced moh-SHAY) (yeah... it's weird) is a professional actress, singer, dancer, director, and choreographer currently entertaining and engaging audiences internationally onboard luxury cruise vessels. 

 Born in Detroit, and raised with three awesome brothers, Shari vivaciously loves life, adventure, and making people laugh!  She graduated with a BFA from Western Michigan University, then began her professional performance career in Chicago, Illinois.  She has worked with multiple Emmy, Tony, Joseph Jefferson, and Drama Desk Award-winning directors and choreographers such as Joshua Bergasse, Marcia Milgrom Dodge, and Chris Baldock just to name a few.  She continues to perform in numerous award-winning productions, independent films, commercials, and print campaigns.


Shari is currently producing two brand new shows soon to be seen all over the world, premiering onboard multiple cruise ships throughout 2024.  She loves social dances such as salsa, cha cha, bachata, merengue, East and West Coast swing, zouk, and Argentine tango.  She also has a passion for traveling, entertaining, food, wine, and makeup FX, as well as her love for performing.  She is a self-proclaimed bibliophile, ailurophile, oenophile, and logophile.  She enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing and can often be found playing piano, drum set, and ukulele. 

Shari’s goal is to share joy, positivity, love, and light through her work.  She is beyond grateful to God, her incredible family, and friends for all of their continued love and support.

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